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Sam is a 2x Canadian-Comedy-Award-winning writer and performer in Toronto. He writes comedy for the the CBC sketch program The Irrelevant Show. As a storyteller, he has contributed to This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour, Definitely Not the Opera and the RISK! Podcast. His award-winning, critically-acclaimed one-man shows Tinfoil Dinosaur, Weaksauce, The Untitled Sam Mullins Project and Grandma’s Dead have sold out theatres all across Canada.

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  1. Enjoyed the show so much; I bet 500 dollars that we’ll see Sam Mullins in the next 5 years as a writing credit in a show/movie we’re into. OTHER SIDE OF MT HEART ATTACK took me about three hours to finally place that song but I knew I knew it from somewheres! hugz also to the dinnerandashowdinnerandashowshow group for pointing me towards this really wonderful hour of stories.

    • I meant bet as past tense. the 500 has been bet. there’s already someone on the under; this wasn’t a standing bet for any rando internet takers. I already put money where sam mullins is.

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